Use parameters in GetUserInfo()

I search for a way to store some parameters together with tree in root file and some people suggest using GetUserInfo().

Now I can print out the parameters:

root [15] tree->GetUserInfo()->Print()
Collection name='UserInfo', class='TList', size=2
  TParameter<int>       FGateL = 900
  TParameter<int>       GateStep = 20

but don’t know how to take out these values to use as int variables.

I find the solution. I need to typecast to TParameter
I update here if someone has similar problem.

root [3] TParameter<int> *par = (TParameter<int>*)tree->GetUserInfo()->At(0)
(TParameter<int> *) 0x7fffdba4e8b0
root [4] par->GetVal()
(const int) 900


Indeed - apologies for the slow reply, it was Christmas / New Year’s time!