Use of TEnv to write a local resource file

I must be missing something about usage of TEnv for producing a local resource file. The following script:

{ TEnv *penv = new TEnv(".test"); penv->SetValue("myname","some characters",kEnvLocal); penv->SaveLevel(kEnvLocal); } produces two empty files in my local directory: .test and .test.bak I’m using win32gdk 3.10/0 and I’ve also tried it with win32 3.05/5. What am I missing here? Thanks
Ed Oltman

Hi Ed,


 penv->SetValue("myname","some characters");

and NOT:

 penv->SetValue("myname","some characters",kEnvLocal);

the SaveLevel() only saves new (changed) entries. Check with
penv->Print() to see the changed entries.

Cheers, Fons.