Use of "Find" button in TBrowser


If a TTree contains hundreds of branches (as those used for CMS data do), then the “find” button in TBrowser is very useful for locating the branch one is interested in.

However, I notice that it only works if one types in the full name of the branch. Could it please be modified so that it works if one just types in part of the branch name (or accepts wildcards) ?

We have branch names like:


It is very tiresome to type these very long names into “find”. In addition, I often want to find all branch names containing the work “Track” for example.
Ian Tomalin

Hi Ian,

We’ll see what we can do and how we can improve this. Thanks for the suggestion.

Cheers, Bertrand.


This has been implemented in svn trunk. Thanks for the suggestion.
Here is the log:


  • Allow to search substrings in TGCanvas subframe names.
    This e.g. allows to search for partial branch names
    when browsing a tree with the browser. To search
    substring, just put a star anywhere in the search
    pattern, e.g. Track or Track will find all branches
    with name containing the string Track.[/code]
    I’ll see how to improve the search facility (e.g. real wildcarding, or using regexp), but it will not be in a short time scale…

Cheers, Bertrand.