Use of Clone() in Root version 5.32

Dear ROOT experts.

I have had a strange behaviour in my MakeClass looper, which I have not noticed earlier.

If I use Clone() to access histograms, for instance

TH1F *h;
h = (TH1F*)somefile.Get(somehistoN)->Clone()

I find that my looper runs extremely slow. I am not sure if it is due to a combination of using c++ maps and Clone() that is causing the problem, or only Clone().

One I removed all my Clone() calls, the script was running as fast as I am used to. (Slow means 1000 events takes about a minute, fast means 10000 events takes about a second).

Just wanted to hear if you know of issues, or if it is something unknown to you, and therefore the problem is probably the way I use Clone().

Kind regards

I’m afraid, without any working example reproducing your problem (better a small code sample) - nobody can help you.