Use conpiled functions at the command prompt

Hi all,
I have been using ROOt a lot for data analisys, usually compiling and executing functions at the ROOT propmt with:

.L MyLib1.C+ .L MyLib2.C+ .L MyAnalisysFunctions.C+ DoSomeAnalisys()

But now dependancies between various functions are getting too complicated so I’m trying to write a Makefile to make sense of them.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to load the compiled libs.
I compile them with:

(helpers is the real name of MyLib1)


as suggested in does not output any error but then I can’t call any of the functions contained in MyLib1.
Can you help me?


you need to create a dictionary for your functions. For that you need to call rootcint, with a Linkdef.h specifying what functions should be available at the command prompt. You can e.g. set “gDebug=7” before compiling your libraries with “.L myMacro.C+”; that will leave a *linkdef.h. You can use that as a template for creating your own. Run “rootcint -h” to get help on how to run rootcint, and see the Users’ Guide section “Adding your own classes”.