Uploading packages in 5.21/06


So my journey with PROOF continues. Today I was playing more with a standard PROOF server, uploading my code as packages and compiling them on the PROOF server. (My “cluster” was made of only one machine.)

I see something annoying. I get the following types of messages pretty randomly after compiling my packages:

The very weird thing is that I always get such messages after the library from that package has been built successfully. (According to the previous output messages.) I didn’t really find a pattern to it yet. Sometimes I can “activate” all 3 of my packages without any error message, sometimes I get errors for each of them, and most often I get errors for just 1 or 2 of them.

I took a look at the TProof::UploadPackage(…) function, but I obviously don’t understand this part of the code. I see that this code piece is responsible for the messages:

// install package and unlock dir sl->GetSocket()->Send(mess2); fCheckFileStatus = 0; Collect(sl, fCollectTimeout, kPROOF_CHECKFILE); if (fCheckFileStatus == 0) { Error("UploadPackage", "unpacking of package %s failed", par.Data()); return -1; }

At first sight I would actually conclude that I should always see the error message, because the Collect(…) function doesn’t seem to modify the value of fCheckFileStatus. But strangely enough, the message is sometimes not there. :-/

Did anyone else already see this?


Hi Attila,

I am aware of this problem and I am currently debugging it.
I believe it has something to do with locking of the package directory.
I hope to have more news soon.

FYI, the fCheckFileStatus is taken from the reply kPROOF_CHECKFILE message (see line TProof.cxx:2637 in 5.21/06).

Cheers, Gerri