Upgrade from Root5.15.06 to Root5.18.00

Dear Rooters,

I found very strange output from my program that use Root.

I am using Geant4 with Root5.15.06. Everything was working fine. After upgrading to the current Root version of 5.18.00 I have got a next linking error:
Linking tamuRDMv3.1 …

/usr/local/root5.18.00/lib/libHtml.so: undefined reference to TThread::Run(void*)' /usr/local/root5.18.00/lib/libHtml.so: undefined reference toTThread::Join(void**)’
/usr/local/root5.18.00/lib/libHtml.so: undefined reference to `TThread::TThread(void* ()(void), void*, TThread::EPriority)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/home/vic/tamu/bin/Linux-g++/tamuRDMv3.1] Error 1

After this, I downgraded consequently to the Root version of 5.17.08, and 5.16.00. In case of version of 5.17.08 I still have the same linking error message. However, in case of version of 5.16.00 the compilation goes OK. Would somebody point me what should I modify in the code to remove this error message?

Victor Golovko.
31 January, 2008.

In recent versions, the library libHtml has a dependency of the libThread library. Your problem is not a compilation problem, but a link problem.Simply specify -lThread in your link sequence.
By the way, are you sure that you need to link with libHtml?


Hi Rene,

I removed linking with libHtml and now everythings work fine!
31 January, 2008