Updating Root version 5.34 to 6.02


I know this is a very naive question but I am having trouble updating my current Root version. I have version 5.34/18 and I would like to update to the latest pro version (6.02.00). Do I have to uninstall and then re-install do update or is there some other way?



That depends on how you installed ROOT. If you have put all of ROOT into a separate directory (downloaded the binaries or built yourself without --prefix build) then you can simply install them side by side: put ROOT 6.02 into a different directory and use

source wherever-6.02-is/bin/thisroot.sh

to select one or the other.


Thanks for your replies. I installed root using Macports and I have a directory called root. Does this constitute building it myself or downloading the binaries or using --prefix?