UPDATE TFile from PROOF output instead of RECREATE

Dear ROOT users,

I have a TSelector that can be processed either via TProof or just with TChain::Process. My goal is to merge some files where each contain a list of TTrees in a way that the output file contains the merged TTrees.

If I run with TChain::Process the output looks as expected. However, if I use TProof the output file just contains the last TTree as if it had been overwritting each time the file.

In SlaveBegin I have these lines:

      m_UsePROOF = m_mergeJob->GetUsePROOF();
      if (m_UsePROOF){
         m_prooffile = new TProofOutputFile(filename, "ML");
         m_outfile = m_prooffile->OpenFile("UPDATE");
      else {
         m_outfile = new TFile(TString(subdir+"/"+filename).Data(),"UPDATE");

Where depending if it’s using PROOF or TChain it defines m_outfile differently, but in both cases with the option UPDATE, which I would expect to give the result I want.

Is there something else I need to do with PROOF so that the output just keeps being updated with each new merged tree?

Here are some lines I have in SlaveTerminate in case there is an issue there:


      if (m_UsePROOF){
         TDirectory *savedir = gDirectory;

Thanks for the help and best regards,

if I understand your usecase correctly, with PROOF you would have multiple processes writing the same key to the same TFile at the same time. That’s probably not safe.

I think the typical pattern in these cases is to have each process write to a different file and merge the files (e.g. with hadd) after PROOF is done.


Hi Enrico,
Thanks for your reply. Indeed you are right, it is probably not reasonable to do the update as I was proposing.

I thought that each process was working individually on separate files and then at the end they were merged and I wanted to know if the merged file could be updated. But if they are writing on the same TFile at the same time I guess is not possible.

Hadding the output would be a solution but that would mean that I need more available space during the merging… I think that I’ll just produce one file per tree and just keep them separately.


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