Unwanted borders around fill areas when canvas is printed as a .tex

The transparency is supported by pgf/tikz . set it to 0 make a shape invisible. It should be fine as it is … but I can do a special case in case it is 0 …

I was referring to the specific case where the fill is handled, as ROOT never outlines these objects and it is hard coded in TTexDumpto use draw opacity=0. This does not seem to work for @nwoods (for an unknown reason), while draw=none does, so it seems this small switch will cause less issues for users in similar situations.

For situations where the user sets the alpha to zero then a fill or draw opacity = 0 should be fine.

There is a subtle difference between the two choices: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/67711/difference-between-draw-none-and-draw-opacity-0-also-for-fill-none-and-fill-opa

Give me 5 minutes … I am am just looking at it now :slight_smile: … should be soon in … I need to cross check …

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Done. The hard coded draw opacity =0 is now draw=none

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