Unknown PID (9942003) - PDG info will be ignored (e.g. charge). ROOT

ROOT 6.15/01Built for linuxx8664gcc From heads/master@v6-13-04-218-g3ec307bbe3


I am using PYTHIA 8.230 (Heavy Ion) and the output show
one PID (9942003: J/psi) (This is define in the ParticleData.xml)

<particle id="9942003" name="J/psi[3PJ(8)]" spinType="3" chargeType="0" colType="2" 
          m0="3.29692" mWidth="0.0" mMin="3.29692" mMax="3.29692"> 
 <channel onMode="1" bRatio="1.0000000" products="443 21"/> 

When I using ROOT this PID is not define in TDatabasePDG of the ROOT.

How can I put this new PID in the TDatabasePDG



`root-config --etcdir`/pdg_table.txt
`root-config --incdir`/TPDGCode.h

I will try this!

Thanks, Andre

Is possible to request in the next release from ROOT to add this
list of PDG code from PYTHIA Heavy Ion? or report in same place?

To solve my problem I am put by hand each particle
at pdg_table.txt.


Thanks, Andre

I’m not sure who maintains it … maybe @mato like the old “Particle not included in PDG database”: https://sft.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ROOT-8117

I put some particles in the file pdg_table.txt to test

  523 Lambda(1520)_bar -3124  522     0
  524 Eta_c(2S)       100441  0  100 Meson   0  3.63890e+00
  525 J_Psi3PJ(8)    9942003  0  100 Meson   0  3.29692e+00

Only Eta_c(2S) 100441 is read:

the second particle is not read:

I don’t know why?

Warning: Unknown PID (9942003) - PDG info will be ignored (e.g. charge).

Do you have a suggestion why?

Cheers, Andre

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