UniqueID TObject

I was looking to track some objects in my program having an ID field. I found out that the TObject has a defined UniqueID field and its respective accessor and mutator functions. So far, I have find out that the TOBject class does not use this field but I wonder if this field would be used/modified by ROOT when its in inherit down in the hierarchy chain. In my specific case, I am working with TGraph and TH1 objects. Is the UniqueID field used by CINT somehow or could I modified that field at my will without interrupting any background process (I am thinking maybe CINT could be using this field in the background for object tracking or for other purposes).
Thank you,

If you do not use TRef, TRefArray, you can freely use the TObject UniqueID.


Thxs Rene. I will have a look at those ones…