Uninstalling one root and keep newer ROOT

_ROOT Version:_5.34/30 and 6.12.06
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

Hello expert rooters,
My Linux is Ubuntu 16.06, I tried to install ROOT. At first, I downloaded root_v5.34/30 and tried to install that (Because I worked on that in Ubuntu 12.04 and I thought it will be good for Ubuntu 16.04), but I got bad errors so decided to install root_v6. I’ve installed root_v6.12.06 by using cmake and no error did occur. But when I write root in terminal, it runs root_v5.34/30 which its headers don’t work! So, I want to remove root_v5.34/30 without any damage to root_v6. Do you have any idea?

If you installed your ROOT using something like “sudo make install” then execute simply “sudo make uninstall” (in the same subdirectory in which you built your ROOT).

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