Uninstall ROOT6 (Fixed Installation)

Hi all–

I have installed ROOT 6.06.02 on Mac OS 10.12.3 using Clang 8.0 by the fixed installation method. The CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local by default, and this is where it installed. I now need to uninstall this version, to then reinstall it with a different compiler. (Aside: This may sound like it makes little sense – another program I am trying to install has a ROOT dependency and possibly requires it to be installed using gcc 4.8/4.9 in order to get the libraries to link correctly.)

The commands I used (inside the build directory) where

cmake …/root-6.06.02
make -j2
make install

and after a few bumps in the road it went through.

Now, in the older way of installing, one could use the (inside the actual Root folder itself, not a separate build directory) –

make -j2
sudo make install

and then, later,

make uninstall

to take everything out. After using the cmake commands, I tried this and it did not go through. So my question is, is there an easier way to uninstall Root now, other than by removing the binaries, libraries, etc. by hand, as I’m worried I might make a mistake and remove the wrong thing. Or can I simply go into the Root folder and use the configure command and then the make uninstall command?

Am I also correct in assuming that if I just try to re-install a different version of Root or the same version with a different compiler, that conflicts will arise?


CMake does not provide the “make uninstall” target by default. We have not do done it explicitly. This is perhaps a possible contribution. In any case, it is save to install on top of an installation, in particular if the difference is just a change of a compiler and not a change of version of ROOT.

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