Unfolding Algorithms of SVD, IBU, TUNFOLD

Dear scientists,
I am looking for algorithms that implement the following methods on PYTHON :
1- Singular Value Decomposition SVD.
2- Iterative Bayesian unfolding IBU.
3- TUnfold.
Thanks for helping

Welcome to the ROOT Forum! I guess @moneta can help

In ROOT we have unfolding with SVD, see the class [TSVDUnfold],(ROOT: TSVDUnfold Class Reference) and the `TUnfold’.
The code is in C++ but you should be able to use in Python using PyROOT. If you have any issues, please let us know.

For the iterative unfolding, we don’t have this method in ROOT, but it is available in a separate package, RooUnfold (see RooUnfold / RooUnfold · GitLab) that is not part of ROOT. You should ask directly the authors for any question about it.
Python bindings for RooUnfold should also exist.




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