Undefined symbols for architecture arm64

Dear ROOT experts,
I have troubles installing HistFitter on my arm64 macOS, and I was wondering if the errors are ROOT-related. Any ideas how can I solve these undefined symbols?

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
ROOT::Math::normal_cdf (double, double, double)”, referenced from:
RooStats::get_Pvalue(RooStats::HypoTestInverterResult const*, bool) in StatTools.o
“ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions::DefaultStrategy()”, referenced from:
RooStats::ProfileLikelihoodTestStat::ProfileLikelihoodTestStat(RooAbsPdf&) in HypoTestTool.o
RooStats::MaxLikelihoodEstimateTestStat::MaxLikelihoodEstimateTestStat(RooAbsPdf&, RooRealVar&) in HypoTestTool.o
RooStats::ProfileLikelihoodTestStat::ProfileLikelihoodTestStat(RooAbsPdf&) in StatTools.o
Util::FitPdf(RooWorkspace*, TString, bool, RooAbsData*, TString, bool, TString, bool, TString) in Utils.o
Util::doFreeFit(RooWorkspace*, RooDataSet*, bool const&, bool const&, bool, bool, TString) in Utils.o

I’m using the latest ROOT v6.24.06 (binary, macOS 11.5 arm64 Xcode 12).
My macOS is Monterey version 12.0.1, chip Apple M1.


HF issue: Compatibility with new arm-based MacOS · Issue #109 · histfitter/histfitter · GitHub

_ROOT Version: 6.24.06
_Platform: 12.0.1
_Compiler: XCode12

That’s during building ROOT where you see the “Undefined symbols” error? If so, could you share your ROOT build’s CMakeLists.txt?

Hah, no, you’re using a binary ROOT, and it happens while building some non-ROOT package. I suppose that package forgot to link against libMathCore, which contains “ROOT::Math::normal_cdf?

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