Undefined symbol: dlopen

I have written a standalone program patterned after hadd which for corresponding histograms in two root files, creates a THStack of them and then stores a TCanvas object (TC) of the result in a target root file.

This all works fine. The executable (OLV_comparePlots.exe) links and runs properly. However, when I attempt to do something like TC.Draw(“foo.eps”), I encounter the following error at runtime:

OLV_comparePlots.exe: symbol lookup error: /afs/cern.ch/atlas/offline/external/LCGCMT/LCGCMT_54g/InstallArea/i686-slc4-gcc34-opt/lib/libCint.so: undefined symbol: dlopen

What options do I need to specify in order to resolve this missing symbol at run time?


Bill Lockman


I think that you need to add the option -ldl to you executable link line.