Undefined reference 'ROOT::Math::KDTree<ROOT::Math::TDataPoint<1U,double> >::HeadNode::__vtbl lib/libMathCore.so'


I’m trying to compile ROOT on Solaris 11 x64 and i have problems with linker: undefined reference to 'ROOT::Math::KDTree<ROOT::Math::TDataPoint<1U,double> >::HeadNode::__vtbl lib/libMathCore.so’
I don’t know what is the reason.

I’m thankfully if someone can help me.

OS: SunOS solaris11 5.11 11.3 i86pc i386 i86pc
ROOT version - v5-34-36
ARCH - Solaris64CC5
CC - Sun C++ 5.13 SunOS_i386 2014/10/20
cc - Sun C 5.13 SunOS_i386 2014/10/20


CC -m64 -O -library=stlport4  -o bin/pq2 proof/pq2/src/redirguard.o proof/pq2/src/pq2actions.o proof/pq2/src/pq2ping.o proof/pq2/src/pq2wrappers.o proof/pq2/src/pq2main.o -Llib -lProof -lHist -lMatrix -lTree -lRIO -lNet -lThread -lMathCore -lCore -lCint  -lm -ldl -lnsl -lsocket -lposix4
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
ROOT::Math::KDTree<ROOT::Math::TDataPoint<1U,double> >::HeadNode::__vtbl lib/libMathCore.so
[Hint: try checking whether the first non-inlined, non-pure virtual function of class ROOT::Math::KDTree<ROOT::Math::TDataPoint<1U,double> >::HeadNode is defined]

ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors
gmake: *** [bin/pq2] Error 2

Best regards, Marcos.

Hi Marcos, Unfortunately we do not test on SunOS and the Sun compiler because we have no system at our disposal, so we are quite blind to these issues like this one. Can you try to disable proof just to see if you can go further in building? I will also give a try to the CMake build.


Thanks for your reply mato.

You know how to disable proof?

Cheers, Marcos.

Indirectly with --diable-xrootd with classic configure/make and -Dxrootd=OFF with CMake.