Undefined ref Vc_1::Common::checkLibraryAbi

Dear Rooters,
I downloaded the precompiled tar ball for the below stated version.
Building our Marabou (which goes along with root since 1997)
I get the following errors from the ld step:

/usr/bin/ld: utils/src/TMrbWindows.o: in function `_GLOBAL__sub_I_TMrbWindows.cxx':
undefined reference to 
`Vc_1::Common::checkLibraryAbi(unsigned int, unsigned int, char const*)'

and many more of this.
I would appreciate a hint where to start looking for a solution.

ROOT Version: 6.24.00
Platform: Ub 20.04.02 LTS
Compiler: gcc 9.3.0

Hi Otto,

I understand that Marabou compiled fine with a previous version of ROOT. Can you tell me the latest ROOT version that works?


Hi Jakob,

building 6.24.00 from source on my 20.04.04 with default cmake options
just finished and with this building of Marabou works, i.e the above undefineds
go away. (I just needed in CXXFLAGS std++14 instead of 11)
In fact in the past I did that also and only because a friend@CERN asked me to help
I tried this fast way.
I think we can live with that at the moment.


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