Unable to use PyRoot

I installed root using HomeBrew and now I can’t import PyROOT (“Module not Found”).
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ROOT Version: root 6.24
Platform: monterey

Maybe @etejedor has an idea what could be the issue?


If you installed with homebrew, the ROOT module should be found without any environment configuration, right @henryiii ?

Yes, should require no configuration. However, you do need to use brew’s Python (currently the default python3, version 3.9). If you make a virtual environment, you’ll need --system-site-packages to make sure it can access the ROOT installed into the, well, system site packages.

FYI, ROOT 6.26 for brew should have just dropped last night.

How can I enable the site specific package in my device?


You just need the --system-site-packages if you are creating a virtual environment, are you?

Also, are you using brew’s Python as @henryiii suggested?

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