Unable to save png files

Hi all,
I post here this since I think I need to (recompile again | install ) something:

Relevant code:

 TString saveNamepng;
  saveNamepng += ".png";

I tried a search on root-talk but I did’nt find anything.

Any idea of what’s going on?

Many thanks in advance,

Which ROOT version? Did you install from source yourself? we need more details, I cannot reproduce this problem.


Dear Rene,
it is version 5.20.
I compiled it from source, after configuring it in this way:

./configure linux

This has been done to have a 32-bit root on a 64-bit linux-box.

I can add that if I save canvas as “.ps”, everything is fine,

Many thanks again,

I think that this was a problem with 5.20 when installing in 32 bit mode on a 64 bit machine. Could you try with 5.21/06 ?


wrong place, sorry
SbtGrandFit.tar (20 KB)