Unable to Open ROOT File with 2D Histograms

I have been running some code for high energy simulations to produce a ROOT file. I have used the code before to produce ROOT files with no problem, but for the first time I have tried filling some 2D histograms to go into the tree and for some reason the file will not open when I double click it in the ROOT browser. It’s not just that it’s slow, as I have double-clicked and waited a while and it doesn’t open. Has anyone had this problem before where ROOT files won’t open? I feel like the code which I wrote to declare and fill the 2D histogram was correct as it was fairly simple, so not sure why the output file won’t open.

Try to execute:

[...]$ root yourfile.root
root [1] gDirectory->ls();
root [2] yourhistogram->Print();

Thanks for your suggestion, in the end it was another issue rather than the histogram itself which was causing the ROOT file to become corrupted by default whenever I processed the analysis code.

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