Unable to find the /icons directory for *.xpm files

Hello, and thanks for your reply,

That’s right. I did not have this problem with the pre-compiled root. However, I was unable to use Threads in my GUI application, so I decided to try and build root from source.

See above: I did not have the problem of finding /icons directory and *.xpm files until l started using root (5.14) built from source.

We are preparing applications that should run in different machines, with different linuxes. So we would rather not to be constrained to do the development with pre-compiled Debian.

OK, I will try this and let you know the result.



Dear Christian and Ilka,

   Here is how I finally managed to solve the problem, after talking to a colleague who had already been through it [it was actually not necessary to follow the steps that you suggested]:

    - I installed the packages "libafterimage0" and "libafterimage-dev" to Debian, using the Synaptic Package Manager. 

    After that I could return to the point where I was before, when I built root from source to introduce Threads in an application.

    Thank you very much for your unvaluable attention. If you don't have any other comments to add I could close this post.

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