Ubuntu gutsy binaries and roofit


I had been running v5.17 from the repository at
without problems, until I needed roofit.



compained about the non-existence of libRooFitCore.so in my path.
I checked it and apparently there was no such file anywhere in my computer (libRooFit.so was installed in the proper directory).
Also adept does not show libRooFitCore in the installed files tab of either libroot-roofit-dev or libroot-roofit5.17.

It is a gutsy amd64 and the problem was resolved by a source install, after a recompilation of gsl (with-pic of course)



I’m afraid I am no expert on either Debian, ubuntu etc, but I did write
Roofit, so I try my best to help.

At some point (I think it was 5.16) the way RooFit was imported into ROOT was changed (from importing tarballs to working directly in ROOT CVS). Up to that point the two-library structure of RooFit was always hidden to root, building a single libRooFit.so. Afterwards ROOT built both a libRooFitCore.so and libRooFit.so when configured with the --enable-roofit flag.

In ROOT it is not possible to build libRooFit without building libRooFitCore too so I suspect something has gone wrong in the debian packaging tools
that were not aware of the existence of this extra libRooFitCore. I’m not involved in any way in the debian style packaging of ROOT so I’m not sure what I can do to fix this.


I’ve also tried this ubuntu release, and it appears it has been compiled only with the standard options, so the --enable-roofit was not used I guess. My solution was to compile Root. It takes approximately 1h and you need to install a few libraries : libx11-dev, libxpm-dev, and a last one I can’t recall. The solution is to try to compile and install the missing library when the compiler complains.