TVirtualStreamerInfo problem while running compiled code


I use ROOT libraries in my own analysis code and compile this with gcc. In particular I am only using a TNtuple which I save in a TFile.

When I run my code on my own machine (where ROOT is installed properly) everything works fine.
Now, to run the code on GRID node (where there is no ROOT installation) I copy the executable together with the ROOT shared libraries, set the proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH and run.

When I do this I get the following message which seems to be independent of the ROOT version:

Error in TPluginManager::FindHandler: Cannot find plugin handler for TVirtualStreamerInfo! Does $ROOTSYS/etc/plugins/TVirtualStreamerInfo exist?

ROOT seems to be looking for some file which obviously doesn’t exist on the node. How can I fix this?


When copying $ROOTSYS/lib are you also copying the *.rootmap files ?


you also need to copy $ROOTSYS/etc and $ROOTSYS/cint/include or $ROOTSYS/cint/cint/include depending on the ROOT version …



Thanks for the help!

I copied the .rootmap files and the $ROOTSYS/etc directory, but my root installation (v 5.19/02) doesn’t seem to have a directory ROOTSYS/cint/include or $ROOTSYS/cint/cint/include (is this a problem?). Nevertheless everything seems to work now.

Thanks again,