TVector3 Default Arguments

After updating to 5.34.18 some of my previously working code no longer compiles. I have tracked the issue down to my unit vector TVector3 unit(1.0)
The description in the top of the TVector3 documentation ( says this is a legal constructor, but that constructor is not listed below. The only simialrity is

I see that this was removed due to this following bug report, but not listed in the release notes.

Should these defaults have been removed? I would not have expected the behavior of this seemingly stable class to have change suddenly. Do I now need to go back and rewrite all my code to deal with the change in constructors or will the next version go back to the previous description? Can the TVector3 documentation be updated? Should this be added to the release notes?



as you noticed there was a change in the interface of TVector3.
This has been properly followed by the documentation of the constructors, but unfortunately (and thanks for reporting!) this change is not present in the top level documentation. We are working to change it - it will be propagated to the online doc asap.
For what concerns your worries about the stability of the interface: you can be sure that this interface will be kept stable for a long time.



I noticed that this change was quite old (2012). I’m a bit perplexed why this had not appeared until now for me, I usually keep up with the most recent versions.

You are correct and I cannot but encourage to keep up with the most recent ROOT versions!

The date you cite is the one of the root master branch (2012):;a … 4ce334944c

This change was mirrored in the 5 release cycle in 2014 though:;a … f0f83e7d5f