Turning Warnings into Errors


if there is a ROOT warning like this one:

Warning in <ROOT::Math::ROOT::Math::GausIntegrator>: Failed to reach the desired tolerance ; maxtol = 0.0001

  1. is there a way how to turn it into a ROOT error (exception) to obtain traceback?

  2. is there a possibility how to do it for all warnings or just some (coming from specified classes)?

  3. is there a way how to ignore certain warnings?


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You can turn these messages in Fatal messages that will abort ROOT and give you a traceback.
For doing this you just need to do before calling the integrator (making sure there are no others warning messages)
gErrorAbortLevel = kWarning;



many thanks for the suggestion. It works for c++ but not for python at the moment due to this bug https://sft.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ROOT-10566 . The proposed solution is surely usable in some cases but in some cases it is too cumbersome.

Is there any way how to have more control over warnings and errors originating from a given ROOT class? Does (new) PyROOT provide (or plan to provide) more control over the warning and error messages (see my previous questions)?


To do that you can inject your own ErrorHandling/Printing routine.
An example of handler can be found at: https://root.cern/doc/master/TError_8cxx.html#a36b79f85822909423ea1161588335cb5

And you can inject your own with:

SetErrorHandler( newhandler);

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