Turn off error messages from TF1::GetX()

Dear rooters,
I use TF1::GetX(yvalue, xmin, xmax) to find the x corresponding to a certain yvalue of my TF1 within the [xmin,xmax] interval. I know that sometimes the x corresponding to the fvalue does not exits in the required interval.
I’m trying to turn of the following message :

Error in TF1::GetX: [57473.434487,200000000000.000000] is not a valid interval
xmin = 57537.6 xmax = 2e+11 npts = 100
Error in ROOT::Math::BrentRootFinder: Interval does not contain a root

I’ve set
Root.ErrorIgnoreLevel: Fatal
in .rootrc and I managed to get rid of the two lines starting with “Error in…”, but no way to get rid of the
xmin = 57537.6 xmax = 2e+11 npts = 100

It really slows down my code.
I also tried to redirect the outputs into a file :

gSystem->RedirectOutput("mylogfile.txt", "a");

doing it at the beginning of the root session, but when I type it nothing happens (as if root was working), but indeed it doesn’t do anything as I didn’t lunch my analysis.

How can I get rid of this message?
Thank you in advance

_ROOT Version: 6.18/04
_Platform: Centos7
Compiler: Not Provided


I have noticed that the message you mention is sent directly to the standard output and cannot be filtered, as normal ROOT Error message. Thank you for reporting this, I will provide soon a pull request to fix this.


Thank you very much Lorenzo!