TUnfolding algorithm

Dear scientists,
I have a very simple algorithm that implements the Iterative Bayesian Unfolding algorithms and that deals with lists. Here is the code:

def IBU(m,t0,Rin,n):
    """ this is the implementation of IBU.
        m (list): the measured distribution.
        t0 (list): the prior truth spectrum often chosen as a uniform distribution.
        Rin (ndarray): the response matrix.
        n (int): number of iterations.
        returns a list representing the approximate true distribution.
    tn = t0
    for i in range(n):
        Rjitni = [np.array(Rin[:][i])*tn[i] for i in range(len(tn))]
        Pm_given_t = Rjitni / np.matmul(Rin,tn)
        tn = np.dot(Pm_given_t,m)
    return tn

So I wonder if such a Tufold implementation is possible.
(i.e. you give it the list representing the measured distribution and the algorithm corrects it via Tufold and gives you the corrected distribution).

Thaks for helping


I guess @moneta you could help here?

If I have understood you well you would like to add the iterative Bayesian unfolding algorithm to ROOT. I think is part of the external package RooUnfold. There are some plans to merge it at some point in ROOT.
You are welcomed anyway to propose a PR to ROOT with these improvements


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