TTreeSQL fails on Mac OS 10.5.5

Hello Folks,

TTreeSQL silently fails on Mac OS X 10.5.5.

My test case uses the tutorials/sql/ database and this function:

[code]TTreeSQL * sqlttree()
// TSQLServer *db = TSQLServer::Connect(“mysql://localhost/test”,“nobody”, “”);

TTreeSQL* nt = new TTreeSQL(db,“test”,“runcatalog”);


TTreeViewer *tv = new TTreeViewer(nt);
return nt;
On 10.5.5, root 5.20/00 (trunk@24524), built by fink, the histogram is empty.

On RHL 5, root 5.18/00 (trunk@21744), this function works as expected: histogram shows single peak at 25, as set by sqlfilldb(). (I know, not the same root version. The Linux box is part of a cluster; I don’t have ready access to a stand alone Linux to build my own root…)

Note I actually connect to a MySQL dB server on a third machine. The command line mysql returns the expected data on both Mac and Linux, and the tutorial function sqlselect() produces the same output on both machines, so I’m convinced that root gets the data from the dB on both machines.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


Note that the fink package (last time I checked) was actually build for OS X 10.4; this may or may not be the source of the problem; one other possibility would a mismatch between the version of ROOT and mysql.

Fink only provides the 32bit build of the mysql library, so I have not yet tried the ROOT mysql plugin (I usually use the 64 bit on mac os).