TTreeReader gave strange output while reading the leaf

ROOT Version: 6.06/08
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

Dear experts,

I have a root file which is created by merging different detector information. I am using TTreeReader to analyze it or to write a script. For a branch (e.g. branchname), branchname.E values are similar while reading (or) scanning in root terminal and while using TTreeReader in the script. But for one of the branch branchname.x, in the root terminal, it shows the reasonable number (from 1 to 16, which are strip number in a detector) but for the same branch (branchname.x), the TTreeReader shows the values in the around 16352, 16353,… (which doesn’t make any sense). The data type of both brancename.x and branchname.E is Double_t. I didn’t understand why the value of branchname.x is strange while reading using TTreeReader. I wonder, is there is any way to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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