TTree with two weights


Till now when I had only one weight, I used to do “hist->Fill(value,weight)”. But now I have a case where a TTree has to be reweighted two times. How should I tackle this issue?

Thank you!

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Your “hist” is a histogram, not a tree. After you filled your histogram (using tree entry specific weights) you can TH1::Scale it.

Thanks for the reply @Wile_E_Coyote
Sorry, I didn’t get your post.
Yes, hist is histogram. But what I wish to do is that I do not want to fill the histogram when I first do the reweighting. I want to fill the histogram when I do the second reweighting. In this case, is there a way to save the weighted TBranches during the first case so that I could reweight them again and the plot the final result?

So use e.g.: hist->Fill(value, weight_1 * weight_2);

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