TTree using vector branch as index for another vector branch


For a while now I have made much use of the behaviour that if I had two vector branches in a TTree, I could do TTreeFormula-type access of an element of the first branch with index corresponding to the value of a second branch. E.g. I could do: branch1[branch2] and if branch2’s value was always a valid index of branch1, I would get what I wanted. E.g.:

branch1 = {2,4,6,8};
branch2 = {0,0,2,3};

doing: Scan(“branch1[branch2]”)

would give: {2,2,6,8} as the returned values for each iteration in that entry.

I wanted to now do a similar thing but where branch1 was a vector of vectors. The behaviour seems to be what I would want, but I get an error message from ROOT:

Error in TArrayI::At: index 2 out of bounds (size: 2, this: 0x4fc9ed0)

Here’s a minimal reproducer:

  TTree t("t","t");
  std::vector<std::vector<int>>* v1 = new std::vector<std::vector<int>>;
  v1->resize(2);  v1->at(0).resize(2,1);  v1->at(1).resize(2,3);
  //so v1 = {{1,1},{3,3}}
  std::vector<int>* v2 = new std::vector<int>(3,1);
  //so v2 = {1,1,1}

  t.Scan("v1[v2][0]","Iteration$==0"); //this produces the desired result of '3' but with an error as above


Is this way of using the value of one branch as the index of another erroneous in this example? I need to make the error go away because it is flooding my log files when I process a large TTree with this sort of formula

Just to say, this error appears when the v1 (vector of vectors) is of a smaller size than v2 (the vector of indices).

Thank you


Hi Will,

Indeed, I can reproduce the problem and have been working on it for a couple of days.


PS. For the record, the related JIRA ticket is

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