TTree::SetBranchAddress returning strange code (79520)

I am using the TTree::SetBranchAddress member function to collect data from a TTree* that is passed into the function.

However, I am hoping for some guidance on what each return code value means. The online documentation suggests to use the documentation for TTree:ResetBranchAddress and suggests the return codes should mean the same thing.

When I check the return code of TTree::SetBranchAddress on a branch that exists, I get the return code 79520, however, if I try to use it with a branch that doesn’t exist, I get the return code 4113. However, these do not correspond to those in the documentation. Is there anywhere I can look to see what each code means?



the return codes are documented here: … 27252cad96
The numbers you report are indeed odd: what is the code which led to them?

As a side note, you may be interested in adopting the TTreeReader to read trees: see this example


Thanks for your prompt response D.

On further investigation I found that it is because my environment variables had loaded a version of ROOT and GCC that differed from those that I built my executable with, and so the binary and the shared libraries it was loading were incompatible.

Thanks for the link, and I will look at the TTreeReader class.


Hi Thomas,

great. Don’t hesitate to post if something goes wrong but the new approach should be even simpler than direct usage of the TTree interface.