TTree::ReadFile read scientific notation data?

I’m trying using TTree::ReadFile() method to read data from a text file, one column of the data is formed as scientific notation number. How can I read in them as a tree branch?
Right now, I couldn’t read in the scientific notation column data to the tree while others are okay. The message given: Warning in TTree::ReadStream: Ignoring trailing " 1.46844e-05" while reading line 10000

Inspect line 10000 (±1) of your data file and compare to lines before and after it (it seems that this line contains one column more).

No, I just show one example of the warnings. Actually I have 10000 lines and every line has the warning message. The column data give the warning message is scientific notation data like 1.46844e-5

That suggests that the TTree::ReadFile misses one column in your “branch descriptor”.
Show here (at least) one line of your data file and your “branch descriptor” string.

You’re right. I have the first line as header which is string. After I remove the string header, there is no problem any more. Thanks a lot.

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