TTree::LoadBaskets and TMath


I’ve just installed 4.01/04 for RedHat Linux gcc 2.96

I was looking forward to using the TTree::LoadBaskets() functionality as advertised in the release notes but it’s not in the header file ! Will we have to wait for the next release for this ? Are there other things that are in the Dev notes that aren’t in the headers ?

Also, what is the rationale behind changeing TMath from a class to a namespace ?


ps: the TH2 rebinning is fantastic :slight_smile:

oops - ignore the first point - I just saw that you added this after the cut - looking forward to using it though

TMath contains only static functions. With the move to a namespace,
you can do now
using namespace TMath;

then in your code, you do not have to specify the TMath::Prefix.

It also gives the opportunity to switch to a different implementation without changing your code. Just change the namespace.