TTree::GetEntry and branch address

Hello, I have a question about the internals of TTree::GetEntry. Suppose that I have a TTree in a TFile, and that I set the address for one of its branches like this:

BranchObj *branchPtr = NULL;
tree->SetBranchAddress("branchName", &branchPtr);

If I correcly understand the behavior of TTree, after calling SetBranchAddress branchPtr points to the address of the buffer area used to read the BranchObj from the file. My question is: is it possible that, for whatever reason, the address of this buffer would change when I call tree->GetEntry(n)? Equivalently, can I safely assume that branchPtr will point to the same address for the whole lifetime of the tree object holding the branch?

See also and

Ok, thank you very much. It is 100% clear, now.