TTree : Drawing sum of arrays


Is it possible to draw the sum of elements of an array with TTree->Draw() ?
Suppose we have a branch with a simple array of variable size, does something like this exists :


where sum(arr) = arr[0]+arr[1]+…+arr[size(arr)-1].

A possibly connected question : is there a variable a bit like Iteration$, let say Ntrue$, which is the number of time the expression in the selection was evaluated as true for one event ?
For exemple :


Which would fill an histo with one entry by event this entry being the number of element of arr greater than 5.

From my understanding of the Draw() function, I fear it may not be possible…
But is there any way to do such things ?

Thanks for your help !


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Indeed this is not directly possible using TTreeFormula.
The closest you can do is to use the Alt$ function:


There is nothing like Ntrue$.

The correct solution in both case is to use the tree proxy mechanism.
Write a small file sum.C containing:

double sum() { double res = 0; for(int i=0;i<arr.GetEntries();++i) res+= arr[i]; return res; }and do



Thanks a lot for your answer !

The proxy mechanism is very usefull. But I need to write a file for each variable I want to plot , is this correct ?

Would it be a good idea to suggest implementation of such an Ntrue$ variable or a sum mechanism (or other simple manipulation like product or other) ?
If yes and if there is an official way to ask for new features I’m willing to do it !

Thanks again,


[quote]If yes and if there is an official way to ask for new features I’m willing to do it ! [/quote]You just did :slight_smile:
About Ntrue$ does not really fit in the general flow of TTreeFormula (it would requires to keep a state from a previous implementation) but it could be implemented in term of Sum$:
I will think about implementing Sum$.


// Sum$(formula): return the sum of the value of the elements of the formula given // as a parameter. For eaxmple the mean for all the elements n // one entry can be calculated with: // Sum$(formula)/Length$(formula)
is the new TTreeFormual special function. It will be upload in CVS shortly.


Great ! Thanks a lot !
It is very nice to see such reactivity from the ROOT team !

Just one question to understand well how it will work :
What will be the result of something like :




tree->Draw("arr*Sum$(arr)"); This will plot each values of arr multiply by the sum of the values (within an entry).
I.e. it is equivalent to

for each entry sum = 0; for each element in arr, sum += arr[i] for each element in arr, plot sum*arr[i] Cheers,