TTree Draw, selection on array branches

how works the selection of the TTree::Draw when I do a cut on branch variable which is an array without specifying the index?

The selection is true if at least one of the element of the array respect the my cut?


@pcanal can you let us know?

No. Each element is process ‘separately’. See for more details. (Using the special functions Sum$ is a way to achieve the "true if at least one of the element " type of selection)

So if I have n elements branch array and the selection is true just for k elements of the array, I draw the same point/fill the histogram with the same value k times. Am I correct?

That depends on the nature of what is plotted. If it also an array then what is plotted is the ‘corresponding’ element, if it is a single value then you are right (and if it is not what you need, you may want to use the special function Sum$).

Ok, I got it
Thanks a lot

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