TTree::Draw into a TProfile2D

A branch named img'' stores a 2D image in my tree, howeverimg’’ is defined as a 1D array in C++. So I use the following command

tree.Draw("(img[]):(Iteration$/64):(Iteration$%64)>>imgH", "", "colz")

to fill it into a TProfile2D defined as

imgH = TProfile2D("imgH", "Image", 64, 0.0, 64.0, 64, 0.0, 64.0)

In ROOT version 5.34/18, everything works fine, however, in version 5.34/22, I keep getting the following error message, and the ``imgH’’ got redefined.

TSelectorDraw::Begin:0: RuntimeWarning: Deleting old histogram with different dimensions

Does anyone experience the same problem?