TTree::Draw() behavior has changed

I apologize for the repost - perhaps the original was unclear…
The behavior of TTree::Draw(“y:x>>h(…)”) has changed - in my opinion, for the worse - going from v3.10/2 to 4.00/4 as the following script can demonstrate. I use win32gdk on win2k:{ gROOT->Reset(); Int_t z; Double_t mass; TTree *pt = new TTree("pt","a test"); pt->Branch("z",&z,"z/I"); pt->Branch("mass",&mass,"mass/D"); TRandom r; for(int i=0;i<1000000;i++) { z = i; double mean = 100.+sin(.00001*i); mass = r.Gaus(mean,3.); pt->Fill(); } pt->Draw("mass:z>>h(40,0.,1000000.,40,0.,500.)"); }Run the script, then zoom on the y-axis, from about 75-125. The attached gifs show how my system displays the scatter plots. Is this a bug or feature? If its a feature, is there a “work-around”? Thanks!
Ed Oltman

It should work again in the CVS version


Tested today with CVS - works great - Thanks!