TTree:Draw (and TTree:Project?) and MakeProxy

MakeProxy can be used indirectly via the TTree::Draw (and TTree::Project?) interface: ntuple->Draw(“hsimple.cxx”);
In principle, it should also be possible to set “some selector options” for the selector: ntuple->Draw(“hsimple.cxx”, “”, “some selector options”);
This does work (i.e. the selector sees these options), but unfortunately, also TTree:Draw itself interprets the given options as its “drawing options”.
I think we need a “delimiter” which will separate “drawing options” from “selector options”.
It could be a “#” or a “;” or a “,” character: e.g. “my drawing options#my selector options” or “my drawing options;my selector options” or “my drawing options,my selector options”.
So that, the “drawing options” are interpreted only up to the first appearance of the “delimiter” and the “selector” gets only the “remaining” options which appear after the first appearance of the “delimiter”. If no “delimiter” is found, “selector” gets an empty options string (note: if the “delimiter” appears more than once then selector get them -> only the very first one is removed together with any preceding “drawing options”).