TThread: will TFile be thread-safe?

I was wondering if there is any way to speed up a reading of the integral of (MANY) histograms from N separate files - for example splitting the procedure in N threads. I tried parallelizing things with TThread (both opening the TFile inside or outside the worker function) but apparently TFile is not thread-safe, so that solution does not work.
Is there anything else I could do? Will TFile become thread-safe at some point?

Hi Rene,

yours is a very fundamental question.
At the moment this is not yet possible but we are working hard to provide a transparent way to allow to perform operations like the ones you describe.
The functionality (described also by comprehensive examples) to achieve a successful reading multiple TFiles from multiple (T)threads is at the moment being validated and will be part of the forthcoming ROOT5 and ROOT6 releases.