TSytem::GetPathInfo has strange beheviar on ROOT 4.00/01

Hello ROOTers

I use ROOT v4.00/01 on linux with gcc 3.2.3.
When I use GetPathInfo(const char*, Long_t*, Long_t*, Long_t*, Long_t*),
file size is not correct…
But, when use GetPathInfo(const char*, Long_t*, Long64_t*, Long_t*, Long_t*),
file size is correct.
Bellow is example in the case of ROOT 4.00/01.

root [0] Long_t id, size, flag, modtime; Long64_t size64;
root [1] gSystem->GetPathInfo(".tcshrc", &id, &size, &flag, &modtime);
root [2] gSystem->GetPathInfo(".tcshrc", &id, &size64, &flag, &modtime);
root [3] cout << size << " " << size64 << endl;
0 6635

Actually, my .tcshrc has size of 6635. So, the size is correct in the case
of using Long64_t.

In source file of TSystem for version 4.00, indeed file size is not calculated in GetPathInfo with Long_t size argument .
But only lsize(Long64_t) that is declared in the GetPathInfo is

With Root version 4, you must use the Long64_t function.