TSVDUnfold: Parameter bini (reco spectrum) no influence?


the SVD Unfolding (TSVDUnfold) initializer takes the following arguments:

  1. bdat: measured spectrum (TH1D, n bins)
  2. bini: reconstructed spectrum MC (TH1D, n bins)
  3. xini: true underlying spectrum MC (TH1D, n bins)
  4. Adet: response matrix (TH2D, nxn bins)

however, the value bini does not seem to be used at all in the source code (https://github.com/root-project/root/blob/4cac5a12f98eebc39e9b9888ab6b11b40cddf09d/hist/hist/src/TSVDUnfold.cxx).

Also I cannot infer any use from the quoted paper http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/9509307 either.

If there is no use for the parameter, maybe the documentation should be updated accordingly, because this is confusing (at least to me).

EDIT: I’ve also tried with TSVDUnfoldExample.C from turotials/math by changing line 79 from bini->Fill(x); to bini->Fill(x, 0); and cannot spot any difference in the results.

Would be nice if someone could confirm this and/or add a quick line to the documentation (I can also submit a PR there).


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