Dear All,

I use TString for getting information from string. I use function TString::First() like follows.

root [0] TString test = TString("FitParameters/13314Single.dat") root [1] test.First("Single") (const Ssiz_t)1 root [2] test.First("TDC") (const Ssiz_t)(-1) root [3] TString testTDC = TString("FitParameters/13314TDC.dat") root [4] testTDC.First("Single") (const Ssiz_t)1 root [5] testTDC.First("TDC") (const Ssiz_t)19
testTDC.First(“TDC”) return a right starting position of a string “TDC”.
I think test.First(“Single”) don’t return a right position. I wish this also return 19.
These procedure also return same value in macro file. Do I use wrong way?

Thank you for your advance,

Soichiro Aogaki

TString:First(const char *cs) finds the first occurrence of ANY character in “cs”.
I guess you want one of the TString::Index(…) methods.

Dear Wile,

Thank you so much. I forgot to read “ANY” character…
Best regards,

Soichiro Aogaki