TSQLServer::Connect() with ODBC

_ROOT Version: 6.24/06
Platform: win32
Compiler: MSVC 19.23.28107.0

TSQLServer* srv = TSQLServer::Connect(“odbcn://ERT6”,0,0) works well under ROOT 5.34/32 and returns a valid pointer, the same command returns a nullptr under root 6.24/06.
Has the syntax changed?

Sorry, but AFAIK, this has not been tested on Windows, but maybe @linev knows if something changed in the code…


There were no changes in ODBC plugin since a long time.
Did you compile it with ROOT6?

Can you check if there is libRODBC.dll library?


Hi Sergey,
I downloaded a pre-compiled binary distribution of root 6.24/06. I tried to connect with the SQL server in an interactive session (see screen shots above).
I could not find libRODBC.dll in C:\root_v6.24.06\bin
Thanks for your help!
Best regards,

Hi Reiner,

Means to get ODBC functionality in ROOT6, you need to compile from source, enabling -Dodbc=ON. Most probably, you will need to install windows ODBC library and correspondent include files.


And if you decide to try - here you will find more info how ROOT search ODBC:

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