TSpectrum class: options and "raw" search

Hi all,

I have two questions about the TSpectrum usage that I have not been able to
find in documentation, using google or by experimenting …

(1) What is the syntax for multiple TSpectrum options? I see that some options can
be set via SetXXX functions (like s->SetAverageWindow(1); etc …) but
how about nosmoothing, noMarkov, nobackground etc …?

I would like to have instead of
Int_t nfound = s->Search(h1,1,“new”,0.75);
something like
Int_t nfound = s->Search(h311,1,“new,nocompton,nosmoothing,noMarkov”,0.75);
but that syntax does not work. What is the right syntax?

(2) The reason why I want to change the default options is that the standard,
default s->Search() does not give me the real/raw maxima of the peaks
(that is what I would like to have in the first pass) but some “improved” maxima:
my peaks are asymmetric functions with background and it seems that
TSpectrum tries to account for background and/or asymmetry and does not
in the default case return raw peak values … So my peak positions are always
a few channels to the right of the max values.

I would assume that there must be option to get these raw values?
“googling” I found that I could use TMath::LocMax(), but that would give my just one
biggest peak, right? I like the flexibility of TSpectrum, only I could get “unimprioved”
(xmax,ymax) array.

                                                            Thanks in advance, Emil

These options are available only in the development version in CVS.

You can import this version from CVS or wait for the binary releases middle of next week.