TSocket streamer

Dear rooters:

I’m a newbie to socket comms. Is there any example on how to use the streamer of the TSocket class?
I’m sending a single command through the socket and I need just to read the strings sent by the server.
I’ve tried with

  char mess[1024];
  cout << mess << endl;

but the reply I get is:

s<vector<TStreamerInfo*,allocator<TStreamerInfo> >::const_iterator>::pointer,iterator_traits<vector<TStreamerInfo*,allocator<TStreamerInfo> >::const_iterator>::reference>

Any clues?. Thanks a lot!



please have a look at the tutorials $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hclient.C and hserv.C. They show exactly what you need to do.

Cheers, Fons.