TSlides and TPresentation?

I am wondering any root developers are interested in such new classes in making slides or presentations if they are not existing yet.

As I can imagine, making slides or presentations should have some advantages than using other software because:

  1. ROOT can handle some objects like text, latex, image, etc. that are also common components in slides.
  2. With ROOT, no need to install other software to make slides
  3. With ROOT, making slides may be more efficient and high qualitative like latex by writing macro.

Hope this idea is not so dumb.


Note that it is not our intention to compete with tools like PowerPoint or like.
We are optimizing/enhancing the graphics editor to easily add comments and modify the object properties. It would be also nice to copy/paste a ROOT picture to PP, preserving
the original model such that one can easily modify the fonts and the graphics.